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Haunted Island
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Haunted Island    
Chapter 1

        It was 1969, on the beach of Maui, Hawaii.  Melanie sat on the beach, watching the waves roll in and splash on her feet.  "Hey," a voice whispered in her ear.  She looked over to see Dave kneeling down next to her.  She leans over and kisses him.  "Lets go inside," he told her.  They walked up the beach to her hut just before the lighthouse.

        They go inside and sit on the couch.  Dave leans over and starts kissing her passionately at first, then harder.  He sits her up and ties her hands behind her back.  "What are you doing to me, Dave?" she asks in concern.  Dave had never done this to her before.  He had always been so caring, so sweet.  "Getting kinky," Dave replies.  Dave lies her back down and tears off her shirt, feeling her up.  "Dave, you know I don't like that!" Melanie screams as Dave bites her nipple.  Dave stops and looks at her, "I don't care!" he roars.  Melanie starts crying.  Dave starts smiling.  "This is what I'm going for," he tells her as he rips off her skirt.  He looks at her, "you're not worth it," he says.  Dave reaches over and grabs duct tape.  He tears off some tape and puts it over her mouth.

        He grabs her and takes her to the lighthouse.  She starts to fuss.  Dave then knocks her out by punching her.  Then Dave throws her over his shoulder.  He carries her up to the top of the lighthouse, and out to the balcony of which was right above the hut and overlooks the ocean.  Dave takes her off his shoulder and kisses her on the forehead, "I'll miss you," he says, grabbing a knife.  He then stabs her between the legs, then looks into her face.  "I appreciate your love," he says, taking his knife out of her.  He leans her body backward over the rails of the balcony and slits her throat.  Her body falls off the balcony and crashes through the roof of the hut and lands on the floor with a hard thud.

Chapter 2

        About thirty-four years later, a group of friends show up at the small hut to spend their summer vacation there.  The names of these friends are, Shawn, Nadine, Hilary, Tony, Jason, Marsha, Andreya, Kristen, Kindel, Beth, and Tobias.  The friends all toss their luggage into the small hut by handing the luggage down a chain of all of them.  Once they are done, they gather inside the small hut.  "You've got to fix the roof, Tobias... you're the one who fixes things around here," Shawn tells Tobias.

        Shawn is very pretty, she has long, red hair, streaked brown, down to the middle of her back.  Her eyes are a crystal like blue.

        As Tobias leaves the hut to get ready and start fixing the roof, Hilary and Tony walk in.  Hilary and Tony have been dating off and on for a few years now.  Hilary is really pretty.  She has short black hair, that waves down into cute, tight curls.  Her eyes are a light brown that glisten in the light.

        "This is my room!" Shawn's best friend, Nadine calls.  Nadine has blonde hair, streaked black, that is totally straight all the way down to her butt.  Her eyes are a beautiful emerald green, that always make her look a little evil sometimes, but that doesn't matter, considering she's a witch.

        Shawn walks over and looks at the room Nadine chose, "nope, I chose this room when I first saw this place," Shawn explains to Nadine.  Nadine looks at Shawn, "race you for it," she says.  Shawn eyes the room, "one, two, three..." Shawn says, then waits a couple seconds, while Nadine is dying to bolt to the opposite wall of the room.  "Go!" Shawn yells as they both bolt to the other side of the room.  "A tie," Shawn says, out of breath.  "How about we both sleep in here," Shawn says.  "No way," Nadine says, "rock, paper, scissors."  Shawn rolls her eyes, "fine," she says, "best two out of three."

        "Rock... paper... scissors," Shawn and Nadine say while flopping their fists into their open hands.  "Tie," Shawn says, "lets try again... rock... paper... scissors!"  "A tie again," Nadine says unpleasantly, "fine, we'll share," she pouts.

        Shawn walks out of the room into the living room to get her stuff, when she realizes the roof is done and no one is in the hut, except her and Nadine.  "Nadine!" Shawn yells.  Nadine comes walking into the room.  "What is it?" she asks, annoyed.  All of a sudden, a small moan comes out of the bathroom.  "Shhh..." Nadine says, walking over and standing next to Shawn.  "What was that?" Shawn whispers.  "Someone," Nadine replies.  "Isn't everyone gone?" Shawn asks.  "No, they're all in bed," Nadine replies.  All of a sudden, the door to the bathroom opens.  The girls hold their breath as someone steps out of the bathroom and into the moonlight.  "Oh good, it's only you," Shawn says, sighing.  "Tobias, you really scared us," Nadine explains.  "Sorry," he replies, "who did you think I was?" he asks.  "We don't know, we were too scared to even think about it," Shawn explains.

Chapter 3

        Tobias looks at Shawn and starts laughing, "ok then," he says, walking away still laughing.  Tobias is handsome, he has dark brown hair, that waves back just perfectly.  His eyes are a sparkly hazel, that twinkles in the sweetest way.

        "Lets just get our luggage and set our stuff up," Shawn says, looking around to see if everyone's in bed.  Everyone seems to be, considering the fact that there's no sign of life around.  Shawn picks up her luggage and goes into her and Nadine's room.  After everything is set up, Shawn and Nadine decide to get into bed and go to sleep.

        "Psssst..." some voice comes whispering into Shawn's ear, awakening her.  "Who's there?" Shawn asks, fully awake now.  "I need to talk to you," the voice says again.  "Who are you?" Shawn asks.  Silence.  "Hello?" Shawn asks, wondering what happened to the voice.  "I need to talk to you," the voice repeats.  "What do you need to talk about?" Shawn asks.  "Have you ever died?" the voice shrieks.  Shawn sits up fast in her bed, screaming at the top of her lungs, drenched in sweat.  She looks across the room and sees Nadine, sound asleep.  Shawn looks at her watch, "six-thirty," she whispers, then lies down.  It takes about ten minutes, until Shawn falls into a deep, dreamless sleep.

Chapter 4

        The next morning, Shawn wakes up to the aroma of bacon, eggs and toast.  Shawn pulls down the covers on top of her, slips on her slippers and goes into the kitchen.  Shawn yawns, then walks over to the fridge, grabs some orange juice and pours some into a glass.  "Want some eggs, bacon and toast?" Tobias asks, getting himself come coffee. "I'm a vegetarian, so I'm not having any bacon, but I'll have some eggs and toast," Shawn replies, taking a sip of her orange juice.  Tobias gets a plate and puts an egg and a couple pieces of toast on it, then puts it on the table, in front of the chair Shawn is sitting in.  Shawn chows down her food and gulps down her orange juice, like a vacuum cleaner sucking up dirt.

        "So, what are we going to do today?" Shawn asks, while dumping her dishes into the sink.  "We're surfing," Tony says, resting his arm on Tobias and Jason's shoulders.  "But, I wanted to go wake boarding, I need someone to drive the boat for me," Shawn complains.  "I'll give up surfing to drive the boat for you," Jason says, smiling.  "No, you have a girlfriend, I'll miss surfing to drive for you, Shawn," Tobias says, resting a hand on Jason's shoulder.  "But, my girlfriend is at home, if I cheat or do something behind her back, she'll never know," Jason says, scowling at Tobias, as he shoves Tobias' hand off his shoulder.  Tobias scowls back at Jason, then looks at Shawn, "looks like you're going to have to choose between us," Tobias says, gesturing to Shawn to pick him.  "Tobias, I would rather Tobias drove," Shawn says, walking away to her room.

        Shawn gets changed into her bathing suit and covers it with a tank top with spaghetti straps and short blue bathing suit shorts.  She grabs her dragon towel and goes into the kitchen, "I'm ready to go," she announces.  "Ok, adios amigos," Tobias says, snickering at Jason.

        Shawn and Tobias run out of the hut, down to the dock, where the boat is tied up.  "We want to come too!" Shawn turns around to see Nadine, Andreya, Marsha, Kristen and Kindel come running down in their bikinis, with towels around their necks.  Once they reach the dock, Nadine repeats, "we want to come too."  "Fine," Tobias says, unhappily, "jump in... not literally though," Tobias starts to giggle as Shawn, Nadine, Andreya, Marsha, Kristen and Kindel all laugh as they help themselves into the boat.

        Tobias unties the boat, pushes it out a little and hops in.  Shawn jumps into the driver's seat, starts the motor, puts it in gear and backs it out from the dock.  She drives the boat around for a while, going over all the waves and turning sharp corners.  "Shawn!  I'm going to be sick!  Can you please stop it and let me drive you on the wake board now?!" Tobias yells as Shawn goes over a huge wave.  Nadine, Andreya and Kindel all scream as the water splashes onto them when it comes over the bow.  Shawn starts laughing, "you chose to sit up front!" Shawn yells to them, trying not to laugh too hard.  "Yeah!  To enjoy the sun, not the water!" Nadine yells, ringing out her towel that was wrapped around her.  "Ok, I'm done!" Shawn yells, putting the gear in neutral.

        She pulls off her tank top and puts a life jacket on.  As she snaps it on, she yells to Tobias, "can you get the wake board for me please and turn off the engine?"  Tobias turns off the engine and pulls out Shawn's wake board from a storage spot on the boat.  Shawn's wake board is black and has flames on it... and dragon stickers on the bottom of it.  Shawn grab it, sits on the platform at the back of the boat in the water and turns to Tobias, "can I have the suntan lotion, please?" Shawn asks Tobias, reaching her arm out to grab it when he gives it to her.  "You already have some on," Tobias replies.  "No, it's not for me, I need it to help my feet slip into the wake board," Shawn says, shaking her outspread arm to him frantically.

        Tobias puts the suntan lotion bottle in Shawn's hand.  "It took you long enough," Shawn sarcastically, as she jerks the lotion over to her.  She puts a lot of it on her feet and ankles, then she slips her feet into the wake board.  "Rope!" Shawn says to Tobias as she hands him the suntan lotion bottle.

        Tobias puts the lotion back, then he gets the ski rope out and ties it to the top of the tower.  Shawn takes the handle and splashes herself into the water.  "Oh my god!  Holy shit!  It's f-f-freezing!" Shawn screams as the boat gets itself set for wake boarding.  "I need to get up and out of this freakin' cold ass water!" Shawn yells out.  "Ok... you ready?!" Tobias yells out to Shawn.  Shawn adjusts herself so she's comfortable.  'I'll never be comfortable in this cold water, unless I'm out of it,' Shawn thinks to herself.  "Ok, you can do this," Shawn teller herself, shivering.

        "Ok!  Go!" Shawn yells as Tobias roars the boat forward.  Shawn gets up as soon as she pops out of the water.  "Wahoo!" Shawn yells out as they pass by their friends, standing on the shore, cheering.  Shawn waves to her friends, while she goes over the wake.  She goes over and catches major air as she jumps from the side of the wake to the other side.  "You go girl! Woohoo! You rock!" everyone yells out to Shawn as she waves at them.  "This is awesome!" Shawn screams out, feeling like a million bucks.  The boat turns around.  As it does, Shawn jumps wakes.  Shawn signals for Tobias to go closer to shore.  As he does, Shawn goes over the wake furthest away from the shore, catching major air as she does a 180.  She lands the side closest to land, as she lets go of the rope and sinks back into the freezing cold water.  "Holy crap, you're good," Jason says, as he helps Shawn out as she pulls her last foot out of the boot of the wake board and stands up.

        Jason walks Shawn out of the water as Tobias and the rest of the crew come running from the dock.  "You were awesome out there," Tobias yells to Shawn as he approaches them.  "I'm freezing," Shawn says, as she rubs her hands up and down her arms, trying to get warm.  Tobias grabs her and puts his towel around her and walks her to the boat.  Shawn gets her towel, hands Tobias his and wraps her's around her.  They walk back to the spot where their friends are.

        Tobias grabs Shawn's wake board and takes it back over to the boat, while Shawn lays out her towel and lies on it to suntan.  "Want your sunglasses and a pillow?" Nadine asks, getting into her beach bag and pulling out a pair of flamed glasses.  "You brought them?" Shawn asks, taking them and putting them on.  "I thought they were mine, until I saw mine... then I thought, oh well... Shawn will want them, so I brought you a pillow too," Nadine explains.  "Thank you," Shawn says as she takes the pillow Nadine is holding out for Shawn and lays her head on it.  Nadine puts a couple of cucumbers onto her own eyes.  An hour passes by as Shawn and Nadine lay on their stomach.  "Time to go in," Nadine says, packing up her things.  "Ok," Shawn says, picking herself up and scrunching up her towel.

        Nadine and Shawn start walking back to the hut.  "Where are you going?" Tobias yells out, while surfing, "surf's up!"  Tobias comes into shore, grabs his surf board, comes running up and catches up with Nadine and Shawn.  "Why are you leaving?" he asks, looking at Shawn.  "We're going to get changed and come back to walk on the beach," Nadine says, interrupting his stare at Shawn.  Tobias snickers, then looks at Shawn, "lets talk once you come back, okay?" Tobias says.  "Ok, I'd love to," Nadine says, smiling.  "No!  I want to talk to Shawn, not you! What makes you think I like you?!" Tobias asks, scowling at her.  "Whatever!" Nadine yells, tunning up towards the hut.  "That was really rude," Shawn says.  "Sorry, but I don't like her, she constantly hits on me and it's so annoying," he tells her, "so, we going to talk once you've changed?" Tobias asks, winking at Shawn.  "Fine," Shawn replies, then runs herself up to the hut.

        Shawn goes into the hut and into her room.  Nadine sits on her bed, staring at Shawn.  "What?" Shawn asks, grabbing herself some clothes from her suitcase.  She gets dressed, then looks at Nadine.  "Hey, you ok?" Shawn says, waving a hand in front of Nadine's face.  "Someone's in this house," Nadine says, staring at the opposite wall to her.  "Yeah... ok," Shawn says, putting her flip flops on.  "I'm serious," Nadine says.  "Yeah, whatever," Shawn says, putting her jacket on.  "I'm going walking on the beach," Shawn says, walking out of the room.  "No!  Come back!  Shawn!" Nadine yells, but is too late.

        "Didn't you want to talk?" Shawn asks.  "Sit in the water with me," Tobias says, reaching an arm out, gesturing for Shawn to grab his hand and sit.  "I'm dressed," Shawn replies.  "That doesn't stop me," Tobias says, grabbing Shawn's legs and tripping her so she falls in.  Tobias shoves her into the water and pins her down.  "Lets go talk," Shawn says, pushing Tobias off of her.  Tobias pushes her back down and pins her down again.  "You want to kiss me, don't you?" Shawn asks Tobias, looking into his hoping eyes.  "Maybe we should go talk," Tobias replies, picking himself up.  "Yes, please," Shawn says, helping herself up and splashing some water up to Tobias and getting him in the face.  "Oh, you're gonna pay!" Tobias says, running after Shawn.  Shawn runs as fast as she can, until Tobias leaps at her and tackles her.

        "So... what did you want to talk about?" Shawn asks, hoping Tobias wouldn't even think about kissing her.  But to her surprise, Tobias lowers his head and kisses her.  Thinking about Jason, her major crush, Shawn pushes Tobias away.  "What are you doing?" Shawn asks, feeling like she could blow up.  "I like you Shawn, I really do," Tobias says.

Chapter 5

        Shawn looks at Tobias for about a second, then she pushes him off and looks at him, "did you want to talk to me or did you just want to kiss me?" Shawn asks, staring at Tobias, blankly.  "Wanted to talk to you-" Tobias says, then gets interrupted by the sound of thunder.  "We should go inside now," Shawn says, picking herself up, grabbing Tobias' hand and runs with him up to the hut.  They go inside, when they see no one up.  "Hello?" Shawn yells over the house.  "Anyone here?" Tobias asks through the house.  "I'm here," a voice says.  "Anyone else?" Shawn asks.  "No, everyone's in the lighthouse," the voice says.  All of a sudden, the front door swings open.

        Shawn and Tobias jump when they look at the doorway to see their friends walk into the room.  "You two have been down at the beach long," Tony says, walking up to Shawn.  "We were just talking, Tony and why should you care?" Shawn asks, defensively.  "Because, I know you two have the hots for each other," Tony replies.

        "If I had the hots for him, don't you think I would have made a move earlier?" Shawn asks, scowling at Tony.  Tony shrugs his shoulders and says, "whatever."  Everyone except Shawn goes to bed.  Shawn squints to try and see who's in front of the bathroom.  "Hello?" Shawn whispers.  The person stands up and walks into the moonlight.  "Hello, um... who are you?" Shawn asks the girl that stands in the moonlight.  "I'm a former visitor," the girl says.  "Oh that's cool, what's your name?" Shawn asks.  "Meh... Melina," the girl answers.  "Ok, why are you here?" Shawn asks Melina.  "I need you and your friends' help," Melina replies.  "I'm going to bed, ok," Shawn tells Melina, walking away.  "Goodnight," Shawn hears Melina say behind her, as she walks into her bedroom.  Shawn gets into bed and falls asleep about ten minutes later.
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